Wednesday, 13 March 2019
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Carlton Hotel, 76 Bras Basah Road, S(189558)
$328 nett per participant (inclusive of course materials, certificate of participation, buffet lunch, tea breaks & refreshments)
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Essentials of Email Writing & Etiquette - 21st Run
SDF Funding Available
Skills Future Approved
Trainer: Bryan Martin

This workshop will help you understand the techniques, format, etiquette and delivery in writing better emails in your everyday work. Whether you are writing an email message to a co-worker or responding to a customer, this workshop will cover the techniques of good email writing as well as understanding proper email etiquette.

This one-day workshop will show you that emailing should not be difficult and a chore. Participants will be taught how to apply appropriate format, style and tone to their email writing. An interactive approach will give participants renewed confidence in their ability to write emails that are not only effective but also professional.

On completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Organise their thoughts and write effective email messages
  • Understand the importance of good email etiquette
  • Apply proper email etiquette and format
  • Write emails the way that business people read them
  • Improve readability in their email messages
  • Tailor their email messages to their audience
  • Capture the reader’s attention upfront
  • Make a positive impression with their writing
  • Express themselves effectively through emails
  • Employ concise writing techniques when emailing
  • Use the right tone and style when writing emails
  • Write, edit and proofread the email messages

Key Topics


  • Understanding the fundamentals of good business communication
  • The role that emails play today in business
  • Business language today
  • Barriers to effective communication

Etiquette & Format of Emails

  • Parts of an email message
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of email writing
  • Form and structure of emails
  • The correct usage of emails
  • Understanding email etiquette and form
  • Observing basic email etiquette

Basic Elements of Writing Emails

  • ABCs of effective writing
  • Concise writing techniques
  • The KISS methodology
  • Adapting your message to your audience purpose

Improving Readability in Email Messages

  • Using subject lines effectively
  • How to make your email messages easy to follow
  • Personalising your email messages

Writing the Email Message

  • Strategies for delivering good and bad news through emails
  • The 3-step writing process
  • Organising and composing your email message
  • Creating effective sentences
  • Developing coherent paragraphs
  • Determining and setting of tone when writing
  • 5Cs of good email messages
  • Modern business writing usage
  • Adding impact to business email messages

Who Should Attend

Middle managers, executives, support staff, sales representatives, customer service and administrative staff, business professionals and anyone who seeks to improve their email messages

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