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How to Complete IR8A & IR21 - 27th Run
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Trainer: Nelson Tan

This workshop is designed for employers preparing the IR8A (Employee’s Remuneration Return) and IR21 (Tax Clearance for Foreign Employees Return). It aims to provide an easy and practical approach to completing the forms correctly and accurately. Practical examples, illustrations and case studies will be used to enable participants to relate and apply to real life tax situations.

1) Understanding employer's obligations

  • Filing of Form IR8A and IRAS Auto Inclusion Scheme
  • Filing of Form IR21
  • Penalty for filing incorrect tax returns
  • Prosecution case on filing incorrect tax returns

2) Calculating housing benefit

3) Calculating per diem allowances

4) Completing Form IR8A

  • With only salary, bonus and allowances
  • With benefits-in-kind (Appendix 8A), excluding housing, hotel and car benefits
  • With benefits-in-kind (Appendix 8A), including housing, hotel and car benefits
  • With lump sum / retrenchment payment
  • With tax-on-tax indicator
  • With items to be excluded from Form IR8A and Appendix 8A because of tax exemption on concessionary basis
  • With equity gains (Appendix 8B)

5) Understanding simple tax computation

6) Understanding the income to be reported in relation to employees who are seconded overseas during the relevant year

7) Worksheets/Exercises: completing Form IR8A, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B

8) Update on latest Form IR21

9) Understanding “deemed exercise” gains of stock options and shares in relation to filing Form IR21

10) Alternative to “deemed exercise” gains: Tracking option

11) Understanding the similarities and differences between Forms IR21 and IR8A

12) Completing Form IR21 with salary, bonus, allowances, housing and other benefits-in-kind as well as actual & deemed equity gains

13) Worksheets/Exercises: completing Form IR21, Appendix 1 and Appendix 2

14) Completing Form IR8S

Who Should Attend

HR, Payroll, Finance, Tax and Employee Compensation & Benefits Administration practitioners or anyone interested in gaining knowledge about completing the IR8A & IR21 forms

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